Suspension and Shocks and Steering Services

Our expert mechanics at Define Motors can fix and/or maintain your car’s suspension, steering system, and wheel alignment by making use of advanced diagnostic technology. This will ensure that both you and your vehicle continue to enjoy a comfortable, smooth, and safe experience on the road.

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Together, your car’s steering and suspension systems keep your tires planted on the road and your vehicle under control, but when either system fails, you may find it difficult to steer or manage your vehicle.

Request a diagnostic appointment if your car shakes, sways, squeaks, or makes you work hard to turn the steering wheel. Define Motors will check your steering, suspension, and any other parts that could be causing your vehicle to handle poorly. We’ll take the time to explain how your car is doing and tell you which repairs need to be done right away (and which can wait). Before we start, we talk about the best options for your budget and provide you an estimate.


How to know if your suspension requires service?

If you know where to look, you can see signs of a bad suspension, but the way your car drives will probably be the first thing that draws your attention. You can see and hear the following signs of a broken suspension:

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